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Jun 11, 2011

My Design for My Planet

Multimedia campaign My Planet and Me is proud to announce the 14 week long contest "My Design for My Planet".
The contest is open from June 17th 2011 to September 23rd 2011. The contest will close on September 23rd 2011 at midnight, CET (Central European Time). 
Everyone is invited to participate: students, professional designers, general public. 

Contest topics:  carbon footprint reduction, recycling, low carbon travel, renewable energy, corporate and governmental responsibility, working together in protecting the environment 

Contest formats / design: t-shirt design, cotton tote design, poster design 

Contest formats / video: videos can be from 10" to 10' (ten seconds to ten minutes) in length. The format is free choice - promo, commercial, short film, etc 

All designs must have a "My Planet and Me" reference visibly placed. Contestants can enter with more than one design / video. 

All entries should be sent to 

Videos should be sent by using a large files sending platforms ( and similar). 

All entries should clearly state the following: Name, last name , full address and country, age and occupation of the contestant(s) and name of the Contest Topic. 

Contestants that wish to enter with a video format are allowed to work in a team, but the team should not exceed 4 people. In case they win, the entire team will be eligible for a prize. 

Designs and videos that have no relevance with the Contest Topics will not be taken into consideration. Designs and videos that are violent, abusive, or are inviting to violence and abuse in any way, will not be taken into consideration. 


For design formats / best two entries will win a 4 day trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, with paid travel and accommodation, 35 euro per diems, and a possibility to visit one or more design studios and the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology. 
For video formats / best four entries will win a 9 day trip to London, UK, with paid travel and accommodation, 35 euro per diems, and a possibility to visit one or more design studios and schools, among which The Royal College of Art and University of the Arts in London. 

Once the contest is closed, we will present all eligible entries on our Facebook Page, and the voting will start. The voting will last until October 31st at midnight. Final decision on the winners will be given by London and Copehnagen designers. 

The entries will be evaluated taken into account the idea, the concept, the execution, the creativity, the uniqueness, the global aspect (or a very local aspect - presenting a personal or a local community perspective) and the overall appeal of the finished design / video.   

All questions should be directed to The winners will be announced by November 15th 2011 on the Facebook page My Planet and Me. 

Good Luck! 
My Planet and Me Team