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Feb 9, 2012

10:10 Photofest 2012 (International Call for Entries)

 Guest post by 10:10 Bangladesh

This photofest is international.

Organizer: 10:10 Bangladesh, the Bangladesh wing of 10:10 Global >>>> 10:10 is a Global campaign building the world's largest community taking positive action on climate change by reaching out to people, businesses and organisations around the world and encouraging them to cut their carbon emissions by 10% every year.

BD web: (sign up for the campaign if you haven't already!)

10:10 Bangladesh facebook page:

If you are interested in photography and want to do do something positive about climate change, then this competition is for you:

10:10 Photofest 2012

• Category I: Natural wonders of our country
• Category II: Climatic disaster or climate refugee in Bangladesh
• Category III: The Urban Jungle
• ADDITIONAL Category IV: Pictures of things REMADE (e.g. a photo of a repaired piece of clothing)

Eligibility criteria and guidelines:

• Participant must be at least 18 years or older
• Participants cannot be a member of organizing committee of 1010 Bangladesh in 2011 and 2012.
• All photographs submitted must be from Bangladesh for categories I,II and III, AND all photographs for CATEGORY IV can be from citizens all over the world.

Each contestant may submit a single photograph or a single photo story in each category. A single photograph can be either colour or black and white. Photo stories must have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 photos in each category.

General guidelines:
• All pictures submitted must be taken by the participant following the eligibility criteria
• Images must be free of manipulation other than ordinary changes that might be made using conventional darkroom/digital techniques, such as spotting dust and scratches, changing color balance, conversion to black and white, adjusting contrast and other levels
• Composite images and photos with special effects, borders, added backgrounds, and/or embedded names (such as photographer names or agency names) are not permitted
• 1010 Bangladesh reserves the right to verify the authenticity of the submissions or the eligibility of the participant at any stage of the competition by any means and/or to disqualify images where post-processing is deemed to have exceeded acceptable photo-journalistic practices.
• Participants retain copyright to any images they submit to the contest
• By submitting images, participants agree that 1010 Bangladesh will have the right to reproduce and print any images for the purpose of exhibition or promotion of 1010 Bangladesh
• Submissions will not be returned and 1010 Bangladesh has the right to destroy/delete all entries
• Submissions which have been selected for exhibition must pay a participation fee, the amount of which will be specified after primary selection or as earlier as deemed possible by 1010 Bangladesh

How to submit
• All submissions must be made online as attachments to the following address:

• Images must be at least 2500 pixels along the longest side
• Images must not be more than 5 mb in size
• The single images must be named as following: category_name of participant_title of image (e.g. Category I_Tashique Alam_our future.jpg)
• For photostory the participant must submit a short essay in a separate document file. The essay must not exceed 350 words. The essay file must be named as: category_name of participant_photostory title. The pictures must be named as category_name of participant_serial number. Both the pictures and essay document must be kept in a separate zip/rar file, which is named as: category_name of participant_photostory title.
• In a separate document the participant must submit the following details
o Name of participant
o Age
o Gender
o Address
o Contact number
o Email

Submission deadline:
1 April 2012

After the end of submission deadline, the submitted photographs and photostories will pass through a primary selection. Only the results of the primary selection will be selected for exhibition. Selected participants will receive certificates as being part of 10:10 Global campaign AND an exhibition of their submissions. Further details following primary selection will be available shortly. We appreciate your patience and participation.

To be announced shortly (SURPRISE) - (in addition to a 10:10 campaign Photofest participation certificates for selected entrants and an exhibition of the selected photography at the 10:10 Photofest 2012)

Venue: Dhaka, Bangladesh

For further inquiries write to:

We will try to get back to you as soon as we can.
Thank you.