Educate. Connect. Inspire

Educate. Connect. Inspire

Feb 21, 2012

Connection, communication, interaction

When it comes to educating, raising awareness and advocating for a certain cause, it is always, among other things, the question of reach, of demographics and of impact.

While human contact and one-on-one engagement remains one of the best ways of communication and message conveying, it is indisputable that different social platforms help us, in a unique and often viral way, reach wider demographics at their homes, at work, via mobile device, etc - bringing the information (and opportunity to interact) where they are and when it is convenient for them.

Using social platforms (and using different social platforms at the same time) for educating on a global cause or trying to inspire action on a series of issues, concerns, developments and situations, is both a challenge and an opportunity, and we are looking forward to the new experience in the weeks and months to come.

So, what exactly are we going to do, and which platforms are we going to use, you wonder?

We'll certainly be more active on our Facebook page and Twitter account, sharing daily updates on our projects, but also articles and videos we find interesting or educational, good practices, inspirational stories and new development in the areas of our interest - environment and sustainability, carbon reduction and climate change, youth and education, common good and global citizens.

Jessica will continue to share her student / youth perspective in her Daily Blog and as an Editor-in-Chief of The Hummingbird Magazine . As Jessica works on the second issue of the magazine, take some time to explore and read through the first one. / (The Hummingbird Magazine is a quarterly edition).

More e-publishing : if you are not one of over 1,800 people who already looked through or used our "Low Carbon and Delicious" CookBook , you can browse through it and download it for free here.
In the next six months we will ask you to (continue) sharing your low carbon / vegetarian / vegan recipes with us as we look forward to e-publish another great cookbook by the end of this year (email us your recipes & photos to if you's like to be included, both in the Food Blog and in the CookBook)

More 10:10 action! We will continue to inspire youth to reduce their carbon emissions (and share their stories with us). Join us and share your carbon cutting story by sending us an email to ) Also this year - we will have live tweeting / Facebook chats with some of the schools that are already a part of 10:10 Teen Project - more information on this will be shared regularly both on our website, but also on

When it comes to back issues of our newsletter, and other material suitable for printing and online sharing, we will continue to post it on Issuu - feel free to use it, download it and share it.

We will, off course, have some offline events too - and, as always, we will share photos on our Flickr.

Finally - our main project - Education for Sustainability - while the core information about each country, its environmental and sustainability situation and its educational system will be posted on our website, we will also share weekly updates, insights, comments and more on our (new) G+ account - do add us to your circles and follow our progress.

* * *

So, this is us online :). We hope that everyone will be able to find something of interest (and inspiration) - youth and elderly, children and parents, schools and communities.

We will do our best to engage you throughout the year - make you consider some new ideas, new choices, new ways...we will do our best to educate you - by sharing information, materials, stories and practices... and we will do our best to connect with you and hear / read what you have to say and share with us.

Looking forward to fostering a great online community!

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