Educate. Connect. Inspire

Educate. Connect. Inspire

Oct 19, 2012

Rounding up a busy week

By Yula Pannadopoulos

What a week! So much stuff going on at once, it's just amazing, and intoxicating, and such an inspiration!

We moved forward with the project, and we are now en route to initiating some serious dialogue. We will get to all of the countries eventually, but we decided to start with The Baltic Countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), and with Slovenia, Slovakia and Czech Repulic. We didn't just randomly pick those countries - these are the countries that have been the most responsive during the implementation of our previous projects, and we thought they might do the same this time around too :) (the truth is, we already got some very positive response from some of them, so "yay!")
If you'd like to join the project, either as a supporter, or as a volunteer or a partner organization, please check out our Join us tab, and do join in - we'd love to have you on board!

This week we spoke about volunteering, and about the importance of working together, not just as a project team, but as communities, as people. It is then when we are able to make a difference, and it is then when we realize that changing things for the better IS possible, if we work together towards the same goal.

On October 15th we joined Blog Action Day, and we blogged about our perspective on the "power of We".

Not to be overlooked - this week the international community marked the World Food Day, and that alone is a good enough reason for us to go back to our posts "How are we going to feed the world?" and "Sense and Sensibility".

"Whether we talk about education, energy, agriculture or any other sector, they all have in common one thing that can define their main direction and purpose: a dedicated set of policies and regulations. They are the drivers of change and their effects can impact the society and even the world as a whole in multiple ways.", says, among other things, our blog post on policies.

Policies, whether educational or environmental, will be discussed further during the implementation of this project, whether it's us commenting, blogging or providing information, or whether we are discussing them with a governmental official, a local expert, or a colleague from another organization. Some information about different policies can be found even now, in the project's Wiki.
Speaking of Wiki - it got a bit of a facial :) , so hopefully looks more clear and "browseable" now, and we will keep improving it as we go along.

And then, there are plans for next week, and the weeks to come, but we'll let you in on them soon enough. In the meantime, enjoy your Friday, and have a great weekend!

Photo credits Nektarina Non Profit, taken at Zagreb, Croatia