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Educate. Connect. Inspire

Oct 20, 2012

We just had to share

Posted by Yula Pannadopoulos

This year our project Education for Sustainability participated in the Blog Action Day with the blog post 'The power of WE' . Participating in Blog Action Day has been Nektarina's 'tradition' since 2009.

Yesterday we received this email, rounding up this year's Blog Action Day, and we found it so inspiring, we had to share it:

Hello Bloggers

What an amazing day.

October 15, 2012 saw over 2,378 registered blogs from 111 countries, (and we think up to another 1,000 un-registered blogs) take part in Blog Action Day to discuss the Power of We. 

Our New Zealand bloggers were the first to start and then for the next 48 hours, blogs from all over the world, in many different languages came through our livestream coverage. At some points there were new updates and posts from our bloggers every 20 secs.

You can watch a replay of the livestream, as well as see edited highlights from our Storify feed  on our website. 

There was so much great content, it has been incredibly hard to pick out my favourites, but I would like to mention the amazing efforts of bloggers in Indonesia  who organised a Power of We concert and blogger meetup, and the 137 students from the International School Bangkok, who wrote blog posts for Blog Action Day, many for the first time.

And, I must admit it was great to see so many NGOs, community groups and individuals discuss the Power of We, alongside blogs from governments and businesses proving that bloggers from different backgrounds and interests can all come together, for one day.

What was your favourite Power of We post?

I am sure you all have your own favourite blogs, and it would be great to hear about them. Please share them with everyone by leaving a link and message about why you like them on our website.  

Take our survey and help improve Blog Action Day

We would love to get your thoughts, suggestions and ideas on Blog Action Day, so we can improve your enjoyment of Blog Action Day in 2013.

Please take our short 10 question survey to help us imptove and shape Blog Action Day 2013.


A massive Thank You

Blog Action Day has finished for another year, and it’s time to thank all the people and organisations who have helped us, put on such an amazing event. 

Our first thank you goes to our technology partner, Engaging Networks, who provide us with a system that helps us manage our registrations and emails.  If your organisation needs a system that can run your  fundraising, campaigning and e-mail communication needs we recommend you take a look Engaging Networks, especially as it works in different languages.

Next up, our NGO Partners, ActionAid International, Greenpeace, HelpAge Internnational, Heifer International and Oxfam provided fantastic “Power of We” material to inspire our bloggers, as well as spreading the word about Blog Action Day 2012. More importantly all of these organisations strive to make positive and lasting change in our world and we encourage you to find out more about them and support their efforts to make a difference.

Thanks also to our, Blogging and Network Partners, Kabissa, BlogJunta, Global Exchange, Moms Clean Air Force, Convivium Coworking, Akendewa, Craftisit Collective, Demotix, National Writers Union, YouthsTodayInternational School Bangkok  and Core, who encouraged their networks to take part in Blog Action Day and making  it their “must do” activity for October. They are all incredibly interesting organisations so please find out more about them. A special mention also to Global Voices who also got the word out to their inpsiring network of bloggers. 

Thanks are also due to Tal Aizenman, Marta MuixĂ­, Christine Pasalo, Jason Wojciechowski and  Ed Coper who all did a lot to help get  Blog Action Day ready. Thank you so much for your support and patience. 

Last, but not least I have the biggest thank of all to give, to our fantastic bloggers. 

Thank you,  for taking time from your busy lives to register, think, write and promote their Blog Action Day posts. Without you, Blog Action Day would just be a nice idea. With you, we are an inspiring and powerful moment that connects bloggers from different backgrounds, cultures and interests together, to discuss important ideas and issues.

I hope you enjoyed Blog Action Day as much as I have,  and I look forward to you taking part in 2013.

All the best 
Karina Brisby